History Of Carmona Water District

Municipal Resolution No. 002-97 dated January 27, 1997 gave way to the birth of Carmona Water District. Under this resolution, Carmona Water District shall have exclusive power to raise revenues and promulgated rules and regulations to run and manage the water utility pursuant to the provisions of Section 27, Title II of Presidential Decree 198 known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973.

Later on, this resolution was amended by the Sangguniang Bayan on November 18, 1998 under Municipal Resolution No. 077-98 creating the Carmona Water District and the designation of its Board of Directors. The fact that the Carmona Water District was still a non-self-supporting utility at that time, the Municipality of Carmona provided a monthly subsidy of Ph15,000.00 for a period of one (1) year to help the district operate and implement an improved staffing pattern and operational format.

Carmona Water District was first located at San Jose Street, Barangay 2, Carmona, Cavite. CWD is a non-profit and a government-owned and controlled corporation which was created to provide water service under Level III System to all cities and municipalities outside Metro Manila with more than 20,000 population. The Level III Systems means sufficient, safe, and potable water for all households.

On April 27, 1997, the Local Water Utilities and Administration (LWUA) – an agency created to assist provincial urban water-users through loans, training and other forms of assistance, awarded a Certificate of Conditional Conformance Number 561 to Carmona Water District. This marked the inception of Carmona Water District with the first General Manager Engr. Teddy Medina who had served the district for two years and was succeeded by Mr. Edison L. Sarmiento, Jr., who served from the year 2000 until October 2015. Starting November 2015, Engr. Aniline B. Francia assumed the General Manager position and has been bringing positive changes to the District since her appointment.

With CWD growing rapidly, satisfying and producing sufficient clean and potable water to the increasing number of concessionaires has been a challenge. But the district, through the concerted efforts of its employees and through good leadership and sound management, had surpassed these challenges. Back in August 2006, the District had been categorized by LWUA from Small Category to Big Category, having reached a remarkable 5,000 service connections that year. This has been a big leap for the district going straight to Big Category from just Small Category.

And after renting an office space for eleven (11) years, CWD had moved to its newly constructed office building at Block 8, Lot 8, Joy St., Cityland Subdivision, Mabuhay, Carmona, Cavite last May 28, 2008.

After nineteen (19) years in public service providing clean, safe, and potable water and services to the town of Carmona, CWD had greatly improved from just starting with a single well. Now, Carmona Water District has twelve (12) pumping stations presently servicing more than 12,000 concessionaires, namely: Cityland Phase 1 (Cityland, Barangay Mabuhay), Cityland Phase 2 (Sugar Road, Cityland, Barangay Mabuhay), Cabilang Baybay Pumping Station, Maduya Pumping Station, Villa Sorteo Pumping Station (Barangay Milagrosa), Carmona Public Market (Barangay Maduya), Bancal Phase 1 (Governor’s Drive, Barangay Bancal), Bancal Phase 2 (Abandoned Road, Barangay Bancal), Barangay Phase 3 (Abandoned Road, Barangay Bancal), Bancal Phase 4 (Malinis Compound, Barangay Bancal), Villa Alegre Pumping Station (Barangay Mabuhay), and Phase 4 Pumping Station (Barangay Milagrosa).

Through the years, Carmona Water District has continuously meet its objective of supplying safe, clean, and potable water to all the constituents of Carmona and will continue doing so supporting the District’s vision and mission.